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How Much Rice Was That Again?

How Much Rice Was That Again?

You’ve perhaps heard the story of the winner of a game of chess who when asked by the king what he wanted as a reward, said that he would like 1 grain of rice on the first square, 2 grains of rice on the second, 4 grains of rice on the third, and double the...

So, it’s a New Post

Sometimes I see stuff online that should be tested out. This site’s a bit of a testing ground for me. I hope you’ll excuse the mess 😉 Just testing some more linking stuff here. Oh, and some more here.

Easter Dinner 2019

In case anyone’s wondering, here’s our family Easter dinner plans. 6 lb Prime Rib Roast – and yes, I’ll share with others 😉 Roasted Salmon – Italian Green Beans –...

Fat’s Not So Bad

This is information from Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes, location 3605 in the Kindle e-reader. Porterhouse steak with a 1/4″ layer of fat. Post-cooking, 51% of the fat is MONOUNSATURATED (90% of this is oleic acid, same as in olive oil), 4% is...