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Well, I was planning to ride two days on, one day off, but that hasn’t fully manifested yet. Yesterday I went to sleep late the night before so didn’t get up at 6 for the ride. This morning was rainy, and no, I’m not going to go for a training ride when it’s raining heavily. I’m not a pro, after all 😉

However, the weather was much nicer tonight, so after errands I hopped on the bike for what is only ride #5 in the grand scheme of things. My last ride I spent the whole time on the shifter ends. This time, I decided to get into the full range of gears, and I started pushing harder earlier on in the ride. Previously I’d been doing the first 10 km on a pretty relaxed spin. This time, after 3 km, I started shifting into higher gears. 3 km on this route is at the bend, dip, and hill on Merrittville Hwy., heading south.

I extended the ride as well, going down to Merritt Rd. and then heading west over to Haist St., and then up to Hwy 20, then back to Merrittville. This was my first “serious” hill. The climb up Haist used to kill me the first few times out. I am thrilled to report that it was’t that bad. Perhaps it was the extra day of rest. Perhaps it was due to the Zero Carb WoE. Whatever it was, I was seriously happy at my body’s performance. I stayed in my fourth rear gear (small front ring) all the way up the hill. Heavy breathing yes, but not excessive. And, more importantly, my legs weren’t burning at the end of the hill. Actually, when I got home, I was thinking that I probably could have gone for another 10 km, maybe more.

Tomorrow is a day off as we have Team Canada Kendo coming down for practice. Friday and Saturday should be good 🙂

Day 5:

29.16 km | 25.9 Avg | 59.6 Max | 1:07:22 hh:mm:ss

50.31 km this week | 113.79 km cumulative