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My friends Dan and Haruko have been staying with us for months now due to the Covid situation in China. They’d sold almost all their worldly belongings before moving abroad but Dan had a bike stashed at his brother’s house in Gananoque, along with the few things they’d kept from their old life in Canada. Dan’s been wanting to get his bike and other stuff so that happened in July. Dan’s been riding regularly since then but he and I hadn’t been out on a ride together. That changed this past Wednesday when we finally got out for a spin.

It was just a short jaunt, but fun. Here are the details.

D: 31.36 (432.32 km cumulative in 2020)
A: 22.6 km/h
M: 55.9 km/h
T: 1:23:10

This was also my first ride using the Strava app. I found that you can use Strava and combine it with another service called VeloViewer to create really neat 3D visual representations of rides, including escalation. I’m planning to use those to map out all the escarpment climbs in Niagara. The next rides I do will probably include at least one escarpment climb just so I can get that done this season.

Starting this Sunday is my birthday week riding plan. At this rate, I’ll ride more in the coming week than I’ve ridden this season. I hope my body’s up for it 🙂