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As I work up to a 100 km ride, I’ve been having to go further afield on my trips. On Friday the 12th there was a networking event in Chippawa that I was going to ride to. That didn’t work out, but the route I created to get there and back was what I rode today.

The route took me south from Thorold through Welland and down the old canal to Townline Tunnel Road, or something like that. I turned north onto Doan’s Ridge Road and rode that to Schisler. That was a FUN road! Nice pavement and a gentle climb made it a good workout, and once the climb was over I was able to put it into the big ring for a while for bit of higher speed cruising.

Getting into Chippawa was fine, but the road out of town sucked big time. Portage Rd. was poorly paved for at least a kilometer with no shoulder and lots of traffic. I survived, but it probably won’t be my preferred route out of town next time.

I came back along McLeod to Barron, crossed the canal and then came up Holland and Kottmeier. My legs were starting to go when a tractor pulling a wagon full of hay bales passed me. The wagon made a beautiful hole in the wind with all those hay bales and I picked up 3 km/h immediately. That gave me a second wind as it were and I got home just fine.

Dist: 67.42 km | Avg: 26.1 km/h | Max: 45.0 | Time: 2:34:42

Cumulative Dist: 267.23

Oh, and I did purchase better lights. More about them later.