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It looks like I missed some time, but actually there was a tandem ride that snuck in there somewhere. Andrea and I went to visit Dave and Vanessa and did some riding in their area on the local rail trails. Great, shady trails so Andrea wasn’t in the sun very much at all. Must do that ride again. Since I forgot to reset the speedometer, I’m not including the route in my overall mileage count.

Tuesday morning I went out with the intention of cycling at least 60 km. That didn’t quite happen, but it was close enough. I rode to Port Colborne and back. Nothing special about the route, although I had two close calls with drivers in Welland. Some would say “go figure”, but honestly, there are the closest calls I’ve had in years so can I blame it on some characteristic of Welland that makes their drivers inattentive to cyclists? Maybe 😉

Here are the details:

D: 57.12 km (400.96 km cumulative in 2020)
A: 27.4 km/h
M: 47.4 km/h
T: 2:04:47

Closing in on 500 🙂