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Well, much to my surprise, the weather and schedule cooperated and I was able to get out for another ride.

This time, I decided to ride the “mean streets” of St. Catharines to see what it’s like to ride in rush hour traffic.

Aside from not being able to make a left turn with traffic at Glendale and Merritt St., it was a very pleasant ride. Drivers were nice to me several times in specific circumstances and almost everyone either held back until it was safe to pass or gave me a wide berth when passing. I was really impressed with the quality of driver behaviour.

The ride was pretty good too. Wind was from the northwest so I decided to ride north to Lake Ontario and them come back along Government Rd. beside the canal.

If anyone cares to replicate this, the route is here:

Stats: 27.73 km | Avg 23.3 km/h | Max 62.4 km/h | Time: 1:11:14

Cumulative Distance: 48.66 km

No riding Saturday as I’m in Toronto all day, but Sunday might just have another ride in store. Perhaps I’ll try to crack 30 km 😉