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Well, it’s in the books. The first 50 km+ ride of the year.

It wasn’t + by much – just 110m, but it qualifies 🙂

Rode Decew to 81 and followed it to Victoria. Rode up Victoria to Hwy 20, then back to Merritville Hwy and home on Beaverdams.

A few interesting things.

The day was clear and bright, until I got onto Decew west of Merritville. Then it became foggy and damp. So much so that I had to wipe my glasses dry at Cataract Rd. Once I got past that it was good riding, although since the day was so warm I had to stop again at the base of Victoria to wipe the sweat off my glasses. Note to self: need new prescription riding sunglasses.

If you like hills, Victoria’s a great road. Lots of uphills and a few downhills. The hills are gentler than what you’d find say in the Kawartha Lakes area. Starting from King Street (Old Hwy 8), it’s a short and sharp uphill right away that gives way to a lower uphill grade that evolves into a steeper uphill grade. It was enjoyable, even for these old legs.

Here are the stats:

D: 50.11 km (208.58 km cumulative in 2020)
A: 24.8 km/h
M: 60.5 km/h (either down Decew or down Hwy 20 through Fonthill)
T: 2:01:00

This is now the furthest ride of the year. Hopefully the record falls soon.