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Along with the new seat, I bought some new cycling shorts. I figured bike short technology has evolved along with bike seat technology, so a new pair would be in order.

I was right. Chamois technology has evolved. The pattern of padding was definitely different from my old shorts.

So, are the new shorts more comfortable? I guess so, this was the first time I’ve ridden two days in a row and all in all, it was a pretty comfortable ride.

My route was the same as yesterday. I had a mild tailwind on the outbound leg but since I was pretty late coming back there was no appreciable headwind to slow me down.

Next purchase: better lights.

Dist: 33.26 km | Avg: 27.2 km/h | Max: 59.7 km/h | Time: 1:13:17

Cumulative Dist: 199.81

Not quite 200 km, but I’ll take it. Oh, and I contacted the Freewheelers to see about joining.