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So, this year’s Thanksgiving was interesting. We got back from our cruise on the 10th (Thursday) and had to have dinner ready for the 13th. No problem, right? Sure, except that there was a Kendo event on the Saturday for the day so I had to get shopping done on the Friday.

To save time, I hit Costco big time 🙂

3 Costco pre-cooked chickens made it easy. I separated the meat and vacuum sealed everything so I could use the sous vide to warm things up on the day. No cooking required!

Here’s the rest of the recipe list. Some is the same as from Easter, but was good, so what the heck 🙂

Thinking back, I will drop the zucchini recipe. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. Should have done something with butternut squash instead. The carrot soup on the other hand was a hit so I’ll probably bring that back again.

As usual, there were enough food and dessert to feed an army 🙂

This was also the first time John, Joyce, and Rebecca joined us for dinner. Sadly Paul had to leave early so we missed out on doing the family picture after dinner. I’ll get you all at Christmas!