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I thought I’d try a new route this evening. I started getting ready around 7:45 which in hindsight was probably a little late. Anyway, it was what it was.

It was a good idea, but perhaps, in hindsight I could have done a couple of things differently.

First big mistake was putting two bridge crossings of the Welland canal on the same route. I was fortunate to not get stuck on both, but I got stuck good at the first. It probably was a 20 minute wait. I would have gone sooner, but I couldn’t see the second ship coming so thought the bridge would come down at any moment. By the time I realized there were two ships, I figured it would be about the same amount of time to go to the next bridge so I waited.

The climb up the escarpment by Niagara College was fun. I’m not a great climber at the best of times, and at this point in the season I’m happy to survive. However, I was happy because my new “granny” chainring came in handy for the hardest part.

The rest of the ride was good, but I discovered my new Blackburn rear flashing light died sometime along the way. Thankfully I had my regular kinetic-powered flashing taillight. The new e-Lume 500 headlight I purchased last year did fine. This was the third ride for each of them so I guess I’ll recharge them after two just to be safe.

One other thing to remember about that time of evening: there are plenty of bugs out. I think I almost swallowed a few. Yech. Need to wear a mask…

Here are the stats:

D: 34.50 km (148.47 km cumulative in 2020)
A: 25.8 km/h
M: 65.3 km/h (down Glenridge by Brock University)
T: 1:19:56

This is the furthest I’ve ridden in one go this season. I’ll have to ride double or triple this distance daily in August if I’m going to do that 510-km-in-a-week-for-my-birthday idea. Georges said he’s in for another 100 around Niagara, and if Dan’s still here I hope he’ll be able to join in as well.