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After thinking about my last ride, I thought a new seat might be in order. I stopped in to see Kurt at Liberty Bicycles in St. Catharines. Awesome guy. Been around since as long as I can remember, with a great passion for cycling and boosting cycling in Niagara.

Kurt took one look at my bike and said “Oh no”. <shudder>

Turns out, a 25 year old Marinoni with the Campagnolo Mirage groupo is considered a “classic” bike. Classic is another word for saying “old”. Kurt said that everything about newer bikes is better. Not that the Marinoni’s garbage, but bicycles and parts have evolved significantly in the past 25 years. I’m riding a dinosaur 🙂

Anyway, we put the bike on the fit stand and went through a few measurements. We put on a new saddle and adjusted the angle of my handlebars slightly. The saddle’s going to take some getting used to.

Oh, who am I kidding? The new saddle took about 1 minute to get used to over the course of my ride today. All in all, I think it’s an improvement.

I found the hills today. Here’s the route. The climb up Rockway was tough, but I think I liked it and will probably make it a regular part of my training.

Dist: 29.06 km | Avg: 24.6 km/h | Max: 58.7 km/h | Time: 1:10:43

Cumulative Distance: 133.48 km

Depending on how I feel after Kendo tonight, I might try another ride tomorrow morning. Probably not something as hilly, but we’ll see.