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News flash: It’s incredibly easy to miss a day. Usually for seemingly good reasons. I last rode Saturday, which technically is last month. Sunday we were in transit. Monday was kendo at the JCCC and I didn’t want to have a hard workout in the morning. I got home late on Monday night so didn’t want to wake up early Tuesday. Wednesday I forgot to set my alarm, then had some work issues to take care of in the morning. So, here I am, on a Thursday, with five days having passed between today and my last ride.

Not a great training regimen, I suppose.

However, this was my first ride over 30 km in the morning. Not a big deal, especially considering how far I’m going to have to ride. It was about one eighth of the ride I want to do. I went further down Merrittville Hwy. to Woodlawn, then across to Pelham, then up Pelham to Merritt, then over to Haist, and then the usual return via Hwy 20 and Merrittville.

Somewhat noteworthy, I tried going up Haist keeping a minimum speed of 20 km/h. I probably made it half way before dropping speed. Perhaps too high a gear (3rd top cog, small ring). I’ll try it again as I think it’s worth pushing harder on hills from a training perspective. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been back on the bike 7 times. Much more to come…

I also got stopped at the light at Hwy 20 and Pelham, so the max is from me really cranking it on the last bit of downhill I had left. That was fun.

Oh, and it seems I’m getting a little faster 🙂 I think this is my first average over 26 km/h. Actually, just realized it’s not, but it’s still nice to do on a slightly longer ride. Woohoo!

Day 7

31.15 km | 26.2 Avg | 61.3 Max | 1:11:06 hh:mm:ss

31.15 km this week | 174.05 cumulative