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First ride of the year. Just the “usual” starter ride – down Decew, up Beaverdams, Merrittville Hwy. up to Merritt Rd., then back down to Decew and back to the subdivision.

Not a bad ride. Used gears. Didn’t die, but I sure as heck felt discomfort in my hands and seat. The hand discomfort is new. If it continues, I’m going to look into new handlebars. To be honest, I should probably get a whole fit kit type analysis done and then see how my bike stacks up. It was probably almost the right size for me when I bought it, but now I’m not as sure about that. I’ve done some great rides on it, but bodies change. I know mine has.

Stats: 20.93 km | Avg 24.5 km/h | Max 42.5 km/h | Time: 0:51:14

Next ride on Friday? Depends on weather and scheduling. We shall see.