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You know the “rule” about heading out into a headwind so you’ll have a tailwind on your return? Yeah – broke that today.

Headed south towards Welland down Merritville with the wind at my back. Geez, I should have known better, but I pushed it a bit heading out. Thankfully I still had legs for the return leg.

With the wind from the northeast, going up Pelham and Haist wasn’t so bad. Especially Haist, where the large amount of trees and being being the hill sheltered me from the wind. I was able to maintain a decent pace on the climb. My goal for Haist is to be able to keep my speed above 20 km/h. I was able to do that for around half the climb, then dropped to 16~18 km/h for the second half. I still thought it was respectable for my fifth outing this year. I’ll have to do more of this loop.

Dist: 33.07 km | Avg: 26.6 km/h | Max: 50.8 km/h | Time: 1:14:26

Cumulative Dist: 166.55 km

The next ride should put me over 200 km for the year. It’s piddly, but hey, gotta start somewhere. I suppose this might be the first year I clear 2000 km in a year in at least a decade. Might have to join the Niagara Freewheelers again…