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Funny how time flies. After two days, I thought I’d take a break to let my seat recover from my saddle. Due to circumstances, the one day break turned into two. At least my seat felt better this morning.

I rode the same route, but went up a gear on the outbound leg. That was okay – into a headwind, but still fine.

Coming back I had a lovely tailwind, so after showing some restraint up to Hwy 20, I kicked in the higher gears (still in the small front ring) and had a faster ride home.

Day 3:

21.14 km | 24.9 Avg | 43.6 Max | 50:56 mm:ss

Just a simple ride along Decew to Beaverdams then up Merrittville Hwy to Merritt Rd., then back the same way.

63.48 km this week | 63.48 km cumulative