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After last week’s ride I couldn’t believe how sore I was. Don’t tell me. I know. I’m getting old 😉

The worst part of course is getting the tush used to the bike seat. I bought a new saddle last year that’s supposed to be more ergonomic. Perhaps it is, but it still takes getting used to.

Today I went out intending to take my normal start of year training route. Out to Decew, up to Beaverdams, out to Merrittville and then to Merritt Rd. in Welland. Usually I’d turn around and come back down Merrittville but a bunch of folks calling their dog back to stop it from chasing me convinced me I should think about taking a different way home.

I went down Merritt Rd. to Kottmeier and then followed it back to Beaverdams and home. Not a bad ride, all things considered. The tailwind coming home didn’t hurt either 😉

Best part: I wasn’t sore all over the next day 🙂


D: 21.84 km (47.04 cumulative)
A: 23.9km/h
M: 41.4 km/h (on a flat sprint along Beaverdams at the end of the ride)
T: 0:54:39

My intent is to get out every couple of days for a ride so if that pattern holds, there’s a chance I’ll have ridden over 100 km this year by the end of this week. If cycling winds up being my major physical activity this spring, I’ll probably have my best mileage year in decades.