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After getting started with riding in April, May and June were pretty quiet. Not sure why, but they sure were.

I’ve done three rides in the past little while. Today, yesterday, and some time last week, I think. It’s already foggy in my memory.

While I don’t remember the date, I remember the route I took on the foggy-brain ride. Keefer, Abbey, Decew, First, St. Paul W., Westchester, Glenridge, Glendale, Merritt, Ormond, Richmond, back home.

The past two rides have been the same route. Keefer, Abbey, Decew, Merrittville Hwy., Merritt Rd., Kottmeier Rd., Beaverdams, Decew, Abbey, Keefer, back home.

Here are the respective stats, plus the cumulative totals.

Foggy-brain ride

D: 22.81 (69.85 km cumulative)
A: 23 6 km/h
M: 58.0 km/h (down the hill on Decew)
T: 0:57:54

June 16

D: 22.06 (91.91 km cumulative)
A: 26.6 km/h
M: 47.6 km/h
T: 0:49:46

June 17

D: 22.06 (113.97)
A: 26.2 km/h
M: 46.1 km/h
T: 0:50:23

Finally rode more than 100 km this season. Will I make it over 1000? Who knows.