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This post is being built on Divi version 3.26.8.

Featured image is 1200 x 630 pixels.

This post was created in the Divi Builder.

Page layout: right sidebar.

Note: This renders fine – my right sidebar is there. Whether built in the default or Divi builder, everything looks fine.

I realize I probably have the Classic Editor installed. I’m going to remove that and see if that makes a difference first, before updating the version of Divi.

NOTE: The removal of the Classic Editor and the switchover to the Divi Digital Builder didn’t affect the layout on the live site. I checked in Edge and FireFox, both of which are set to clear their caches on logout – and the posts looked fine. I also cleared the WP Rocket cache locally.


The right sidebar layout has broken. The content of this page now stretches full width and the side navigation bar has been bumped to the bottom.

This only affects the page that was built in the Divi Builder. The page that is almost identical to this one didn’t have its layout affected.

So, good folks at Elegant Themes, I think you’ve done something. I hope there’s a fix very soon!